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Shelly uses the landscape with its horizon and vast skies as a metaphor for a poetic inner landscape of contemplation that she doesn’t easily find words for. The silent language of painting allows her to not only express, but also understand, a deeper aspect of herself and life.

During the age of Romanticism the landscape offered an opportunity to commune with nature and be moved by it in a way that allowed for a deeper connection to the self.


Artists painted to inspire powerful emotions with the purpose of evoking transcendental experiences through the aesthetic of the sublime. Shelly feels that these experiences are even more needed in our current technological world and seeks them out through her life and art. Using a limited palette and layers of finely blended oil paint to achieve an atmospheric glow, she moves between realism and abstraction searching for a way to express the immaterial through material means.

Shelly Anfield graduated from the National Art School in 2015 and went on to be chosen as 1 of 12 finalists in the Sydney, Clyde & Co Emerging Artist award. She has shown work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Northern NSW since then. Shelly has also been a finalist in a number of painting prizes including the prestigious Mosman Art Prize in 2017. She now lives in the Byron Hinterland in Northern NSW and works from her studio there. Her work is held in private collections across Australia, USA and England.


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